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Being a positive woman in a negative world.

Updated: Feb 24, 2018

Times are changing. It's a slow change, a strange change sometimes.. but they are changing at least.

It's nice to finally see today's generation work on making a more positive, uplifting presence. There are more and more positive rallies for change and awareness. I'd like to go over a couple little things/emotions that this brings up inside me, that it may also bring up inside of you.

Let's talk about women empowerment.

First off, go us! We are making a presence and it is STRONG. Women are waking up to their true callings and just being straight up bad asses. We wake up at the crack of dawn, work away, manage to manage families, all the things women have been doing for years but somehow also way more. In the same twenty four hour days. Men are respecting us, other women are respecting us. It's wonderful and so empowering.

Now, this doesn't mean everyone. And this also doesn't mean we're not sensitive. This is coming from me, a highly sensitive human. Of course aside from all the women marches and ladies building up other ladies, there will always be the odd few that are late to joining the party. These are the confused women. The ones who think they're building others up, maybe even taking to social media to "support" other women or just others in general. When really, they're using the topic to prey on others kindness and use their empathy to get themselves ahead, while backhandedly putting others down. Now, before you're like 'woah.. that sounds super malicious..' it is, however, it may not necessarily be on purpose. Sometimes these things happen simply due to subconscious beliefs, habits, insecurities. It's definitely a very crummy thing to do, and will make a number of people feel terrible, but try to remember that these people are just in a different stage of being human than you are. Their mind is not as open, their hearts are not yet filled with as much love, and their souls are not as free. Do not let these people bring you down. Simply put, their minds are not as evolved socially as yours. Women are still standing strong, they are still kicking ass, and every gender (and species) has its bullies.

Now let's talk positivism.

Okay, going back to the peace rallies. Let's start off with a little quote for the beloved Mother Theresa, “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” This woman says it all right there. The more energy we put into something, whether it be for or against, we are still putting our energy into it. So using that example, if you are putting all of your energy into being "anti-war" you're still putting all of your thoughts and energy into "war". However, if you change that to "pro-peace" you're putting everything into peace. We are finally to a pretty proven state now where we know that thoughts become things, so we need to choose our thoughts wisely. We need to quit feeding into gossip, negative comments and acts, and focus on the positive. The strength we have in numbers, all the things we can do as a community, even a small community. This is where we need to step up, set the standard, and be the change we want to see.

The world.

Whether you're male or female, old or young, noticing the bigger changes and picture or not, this is your time. Wherever you're at in your life, take a step back, and take a breath. The world moves so fast now. Everything is on social media. The negativity is shoved down our throats quicker than we can even believe because that's how society is driven. The news tabloids give you the most recent number of tragedies before giving you anything positive because that's what gets the ratings. So try to remember that there ARE good people out there. There are people just like you that are trying to make a difference. Unplug if you have to. Cut out the news for a while if you have to. Regroup, recenter, and remember that you CAN make a difference. Your energy matters and is just as strong as any other single person on this planet. There is power in numbers. So the more you band together with like minded positive people, the more good you'll see in your life. Now, I know you're like, 'okay Becky, so now you're wanting me to change the world?' No, I'm just saying that you can change your world. Whatever situation you're living in. Whether you're highly sensitive like me, or just looking to band together with like minded women to have a strong presence. You can.


You're a bad ass. The world can be cruel, but remember to stop and look at the blooming flowers. People are harsh, but remember there ARE lots of good people out there to surround yourself with. Some of the bad ones are just lost and sad, hoping to find the good, be the good, find the good. The media is very one sided, look at the other side. Put your energy into positive things and your soul will be happy. Most importantly, you got this.

Your chatty stylist,

Becky xx

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