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Los Angeles - The weekend getaway

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

On a Friday evening, Sam and I left work to go on a quick trip for business mixed with a tiny bit of pleasure. Certainly not from the weather however. We went to LA in February to expand our minds on the most recent balayage and cutting techniques.

We were excited for a little bit of sun and were greeted by sunny 14 degree weather that turned into 10 degree rainy weather. So, the weather wasn't entirely on our side. Luckily the day we had for exploring was the sunny one!

We stayed in Studio City, to be near the salon that was hosting the class. personally, we probably wouldn't stay there again. We did lots of walking and ventured out to Hollywood. We took a stereotypica celebrity house tour in Beverly Hills, checked out the Hollywood Hall of fame, and ate dinner outside Universal Studios.

Now for us, the real excitement started as we waited in the rain to enter Larisa Love Salon. I know it probably sounds foolish to you, but we were so excited. We were excited to be in one of our favourite LA hair salons, to be feeding our brains with exciting new things, and to be learning from such knowledgeable, creative artists. As I'm sure some of you heard then, Sam was still pretty new to assisting me then, she was still doing strictly assistant work and hadn't really done much mannequin work then either. But because the demo tickets were sold out, Sam had to also do the hands on course. (She rocked it!) We had a fabulous day. The amount of knowledge we received from that course honestly outweighed everything else from the trip put together. We laughed, we listened, and we rocked some pretty awesome techniques on our dummy heads.

We finished the night off with some sushi, packing up, and wondering how the airport would react to us taking heads on the plane. Then we went to bed, early. We were back at the airport 4am Monday morning to come home.

Your chatty stylist,

Becky xx


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