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Truths about Rainbow Hair!

Alright loves, let's talk about the biggest, hottest trend right now; RAINBOW HAIR!

You're seeing it all over Pinterest and every form of social media. The stars are doing it, mom's are doing it, even grandmas are doing it! So I'm going to explain all the ins and outs, dos and don't about this process and how to maintain it.

First off, vivid colours are super beautiful, creative, and show off your personality in a very unique, fun way. Every person's look is different and it's very hard to make someone's colour the exact same as anyone else's. They're easy to customize and perfect for self expression. So let's dive a little deeper, shall we?

The Process

In order for bright, vivid colours to show up on the hair (like the photo above) the hair has to be lightened to a pale blonde. So if your hair is coloured with a dark hair colour, box colour, burgundy, red, etc.. this may not even be an option for you. If your hair is unhealthy and has been through a lot of chemical processes within the last 3 years or so, this process is also likely not an option for you. This is just the first step to becoming a vivid/bright colour. After this process your hair needs to be washed and dried in order for those colours to be applied. Some alternatives if your hair is not in the right condition for this would be lightening out a few pieces to see how light your hair can safely get, and possibly having a few pops of colour, or adding in a few coloured hair extensions. There are some shades that will show up on slightly deeper hair such as deep, warm purples, most reds, and some deep blues.


Often times when someone wants to dip a toe in the rainbow hair trend, they want to start out with a pastel shade. Now yes, this is a way to dabble in the trend without much commitment, but only if you're comfortable fading back out to the shade of blonde you started. Now this part is important: pastel shades generally only last 2-5 washes. Yep, you read that right. This is not a low maintenance option if it's a colour you're hoping will last. In that case it's best to start out a few shades deeper so your colour can fade to a pastel and you can enjoy the journey along the way. Unless you're just looking to try out a pastel for a few washes to see how you feel about it, in which case this is perfect for you! Another option if you have your heart set on a pastel is to commit to a pastel shampoo to keep your pastel intact along the way, I'll explain these more in the maintenance section!


A quick recap of the process that goes down when you book for this appointmen; first.. you come into the salon, you explain or show your stylist the colour(s) you'd like to achieve, generally speaking your hair needs to be lightened out to the shade of blonde required for that colour to show up and be vibrant enough. Once that first process is finished, your hair needs to be washed, toned; so that when it fades it doesn't turn a gross colour, then blow-dried to make it ready for round two. Once your hair is dry, now your vivid colours can be applied. This needs to process again, which is followed by washing, drying, and potentially cutting. This is what is called a "double process" or if you're booking it online "colour correction". This appointment is generally 4 hours in length and in our salon the price starts at $195 plus tax.


Most rainbow regulars wait a few months in between appointments. They embrace the fade and book for the entire process all over again. Another option that many people are doing these days is only lightening their regrowth/roots every other time. This saves time and money and is fairly popular right now since rooty looks are very in still! So what this means is that during the in between appointment the client will only have their vivid colours redone and leave their natural hair as a shadow root. Another option we have now (that we weren't as fortunate to have a couple years ago), are coloured shampoos. I for one, am a huge fan of these. As most of you know, I like to play with my colour quite a bit, and was actually changing it up for a period of time with coloured shampoos alone! These are amazing for maintaining colour in between appointment because they are highly pigmented and actually keep your hair coloured. Now, these are not like toning shampoos (for blondes) these are actually very bright.. or pastel if that's the look you're aiming for. We keep a few of these in stock at the salon (they retail for $40 plus tax) but if you're looking for a specific shade you can always give us a call to order it in special for you. We have also done custom shades depending on our stock or if we know the colour you're looking to achieve since the brand we use also has mixing bottles! Mom's love the coloured shampoo option for their young little colour lovers that aren't quite old enough for actual colour, however the hair does have to be in the blonde family in order for them to show up.


Well, I hope this answers all your questions about rainbow hair! Leave a comment if there's anything I didn't touch on that you'd like to know, or feel free to reach out to me in instagram or facebook. I'll include my handles at the bottom! Remember that it is always okay to express yourself however you see fit, and that no one gets to decide how big your dreams can be but you!

Have an awesome day, I'll catch you on the next one!

You're Chatty Stylist,


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